CJ's Custom Shop - Established 2016

  This company has been created for a different experience in the San Diego firearms community. We are interested in working with good people who enjoy what we do..... shooting! Weather you are a Wingmaster, Door Kicker, Enthusiast, or plain ole just like guns, we are your shop. We have three very different gunsmiths who make up CJ's.


  Master Pistolsmith Chelin specializes in Custom 1911's. His knowledge is vast and his skills are even better. There are not many pistols that get the best of him. Also, he loves working on AR and AK platforms. He served our nation in the United States Marine Corps and retired from the United States Army. Not many out there that can out do him on a bench or at the range. He is humble though and always delivers a superior product to his customers!


  AGI Master Gunsmith James is a general gunsmith, Certified Glock Armorer and our Factory Trained Cerakote Applicator. He retired from the United States Navy in 2014 and works his tail off assisting clients, ordering parts, Cerakoting, Machining, and working on guns. 


  Master Gunsmith John has probably forgotten more things about guns than most of us will ever learn. He has been on the bench for about 40 years. His passion is shotguns, the black art! He delivers guns back to their glory. Custom wood working, precision rifle chambering and accurizing are just a few of the skills he flourishes in.

  The level of quality will be seen on the first job to the last job. Sometimes it takes awhile, not everything is simple and easy. We here at CJ's decided we were tired of the same old same old. Come visit and see if we can become your next shop. We have friends that we refer to all over San Diego County for firearms, parts and accessories.